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CAN-U is a $1.4 Million dollars project which after
completion, seeks to provide, low cost excellent higher
education to 5000 students in its first year of operation.
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I am Eric Willise Wowoh, a former Liberian refugee, but now a permanent resident of
Volunteer Testimonials
"Heart of Grace School, Lower Johnsonville Water Project - Part of the team went over early to get to work on completing a dream of pumping water up a huge hill to water the Heart of Grace School and the Lower Johnsonville community. Children from all over Liberia walk ...

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Nullam convallis
"Wonderful program. Thanks be to God Almighty. Thank you all who made this possible."

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Fidel Dennis

It is amazing that a small amount of money can make such a big impact!

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Yassah's Sisters

Last night at Younglife, I had the privilege of meeting Eric Wowoh, who was a refugee after the civil war in Liberia many years ago, and hear his remarkable story. As he told his story, it moved me and made me realize that many of us, including myself, ...

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Morgan Miller

This is so wonderful! Something we take for granted here in the states. We are happy to be a small part of Eric Wowoh's work.

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Kelly Morvant

Grateful for all the good work done in Liberia this year. Thanks Eric Wowoh and Kollie Jallah for all you do for your people. Looking forward to 2014.

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Randy Tempest

Pastor Kollie Jallah of Liberia will be here at 6:30 This Sunday November 17 along with some others from the Hope 2 Liberia team. Kollie was a wartime refugee with Eric Wowoh. Come hear how God is using Kollie to bring Hope to a rebuilding nation.

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First Baptist Church of Carthage

This school was built by our in-country partner, Change Agent. A beautiful campus that embodies the change they're making in Liberia and how CLEAN water and EDUCATION go hand in hand. Great Job Eric and Team!

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The Last Well

We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God." – John Stott

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Molli Calte Hughes

I listened to your testimony a few nights ago on t.v. How awesome is our God.

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Gloria Knott

Today I wept! Thank you Jesus for bridging our connection! These letters are round 2, a reply from our children to yours! I truly wish I was hand delivering the letters this time, hopefully the next round I will be and will be meeting these wonderful children in ...

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Amanda Bartlett

Just got of the phone with Eric Wowoh. It is always go to hear his voice. Please continue to pray for him and the great work that is being accomplished.

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Don Winters

Eric, what a privilege it was to walk alongside The People of Change Agent Network these past 2 weeks. I was blown away by the character of your leaders and the humility and wisdom they all demonstrate. My only response is...., "Oh it"s just God!". We look forward ...

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Tom Ledbetter

Liberia so far has been amazing! We spent the last two days at the home of Jackson and Harriet they are raising 30 orphans. Jackson also manages 100 acres of land given to him by the local village to help fund the local school and feed the local ...

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Jeromy Nauyokas

I've posted before about the work we are doing with Change Agent Network.... "But God" we are building schools in Liberia, W. Africa one brick at a time. (I will post more info later on the "Change for Change" program that we have to teach our kids how ...

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Spring George

Praise God for water in Liberia!! God is moving for His faithful children!! Hallelujah!!!

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Laura Crowley
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Financial Statement

"We Know That There Can Be No Relationship, Business Transaction, or hope for The Poor Without Trust"

We are the #1 Community based Educational Non-Profit Organization in Liberia. We have very low overhead and all programs are locally administered by the people themselves at the receiving end. Therefore, you can trust Change Agent Network with your investment in the Lives of the Less fortunate in Africa.

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